Sunday, April 3, 2011

Coffee Jelly: My First

So I have finally created something. I have made my first ever jewelry. Don't get too excited to see it though. The bracelet I have made is very simple. Here it is.

I shall name it Coffee Jelly. I actually had more fun taking photos of it than making it. I had so many boo-boos. When buying my materials, I just bought whatever I thought would be useful without even knowing what some were for. Then, I made the clasp three times and with two different clasps. (It's a good thing I bought lots of clasps.) The first clasp, I attached to copper wire, finding out later on that the beads do not fit. The second clasp, I attached to fishing line (the first clasp was too heavy for the fishing line) only to find out from a book that fishing line gets brittle over time and that it's not a good idea to use it for finished jewelry pieces. So, since I only bought two kinds of stringing materials, I re-did the clasp and attached it to two strands of fishing line to make it a little bit stronger. 

But, I am happy with my work since it's the first one I have ever made using pliers, crimp beads, and other beading materials. I used to only make jewelry with seed beads and elastic string and safety pins when I was little. (I am planning to make some again.)

So, there it is. My first ever jewelry creation. And I plan to practice some more.

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