Sunday, March 6, 2011

Struggling: A Second Welcome Message

So I decided to change my name to marytriesart, and this blog will showcase my pathetic attempts in making art. I guess I have always wanted to become an artist. But I wouldn't call myself a "struggling artist" though because I have never done anything to become one. And I can't even sing! (But I have a feeling that when I was younger I could sing because my third grade teacher once asked me to join the school choir, and a friend--who sings really well by the way--told me when we were in high school that he was surprised that I had a pretty good voice [upon hearing me sing karaoke for the first time.]) But that was before. I swear I wouldn't be hitting the right notes when I sing even a simple song right now.

And I can't draw. I can't draw even if my parents enrolled me in an art workshop when I was in grade school. This is as far as my drawing skills can go.

And I even cheated. I copied that dog from somewhere.

And, aaaah, photography. My love for it is suddenly dying. There are too many photographers already and I feel that I am very left behind. I don't even have my own DSLR yet. Nevertheless, I will continue taking photos as a hobby and not as a profession (as I have originally planned).

My officemate told me he's a "struggling artist." I have a friend who is a "struggling guitarist." At least they have something to struggle about right? I am just struggling to find my inner talent, what I'm really good at. Hope I find it real soon.


  1. Hello, we all have an inner talent, sometimes just struggling to find it is the most fun of all. I think within yourself you kinda know where you lean. I tend to lean towards the arts and crafts. Just try what ever peaks your interest and immerse yourself. You might even surprise yourself, but most of all enjoy what ever it is you are doing and who cares if they think its any good, as long as you had a good time doing it.....Thanks for stopping by my blog....I will be checking in to see what creative spark is flowing within you!

  2. I wish you luck in finding where it lies!