Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello, 2011!

Since almost everyone is writing about their goodbyes to 2010 and welcoming the coming year, I decided to write my own. (I guess this is also perfect for my first post, eh?)

I see many statuses in Facebook saying that 2010 has not been very good to them. And I started to think about my 2010 and whether it has been good to me. All I remember doing for the first few months of this year was me working for the stars. And I remember how I had a very difficult time doing it and how degraded I felt sometimes. I always wondered that had I not taken that job, I wouldn’t have been treated awfully. But, I have read in an article somewhere that one should have in their bucket list these two items: 1) work in a fast food restaurant and 2) be a sales lady. Why (and, um, what’s my point)? So that you’d finally understand how it feels like to serve others and make other people’s lives better and also understand why you should always treat people with these kinds of jobs with respect. And, why am I writing about this? Because this year, I have made friends who were like me (Production Assistants) and who have not been treated well by people they serve. I am not saying that I have been treated the worst of all. Actually, I am one of the lucky few who have been assigned to nice people. (And I admit that sometimes, I do answer back, especially when I feel that something is not right.) But I have had friends who I believe were disrespected; and someday, I hope that I would be able to do something about this, speak for those who cannot be heard. Production Assistants (and other people with similar jobs) make other’s lives much, much better. Why is there a need to shout at them or embarrass them in front of other people?

As I think about the past, I feel that I do not regret that this has happened to me. I have learned a lot from this experience, I have gained many friends, the usual stuff. But, I also think that if I have not experienced this, I would probably not last in my second job (which I believe most of my friends at work find boring). I have learned one important thing this year: Once you find a job where you get along with most people, and most of all a job where people respect you, no matter how boring it is, it would be the best job ever. My job right now does not have any variety; all you do is stare at the computer eight hours every day, and you only stand up when you need to have your break and when you need to go to the rest room. Other workmates tell me they want a challenge, and want to leave, but I think the challenge for me right now (and my goal for 2011) is to work better and be promoted. Sounds good, right? Right now, I honestly cannot believe that I enjoy going to work every day (my workmates probably think I am nuts right now).

So these two jobs are the two highlights of my 2010.

Now, I would like to talk about my resolutions. Just a quick one.

Because I miss being busy doing extra activities (such as dancing—yes, I used to dance), I decided to:

1.)   Enroll myself in a yoga class. Something new for me.

And, because I miss being the nerdy bookworm that I used to be when I was little, another one of my new year’s resolutions is to:

2.)   Read a book at least once a month.

This year, I realized that a clean environment is important, too; and I know for a fact that my room is not clean and organized. So even if I hate it, I would have to:

3.)   Clean and organize my room.

I am not a very religious person. I do not go to church anymore. But, I believe in God and Jesus Christ and everything that’s written in The Bible. This is my fourth resolution:

4.)   Read a little bit of The Bible every day.

And, lastly, I have already talked about my fifth resolution:

5.)   Do better at work.

So, this is my goodbye letter to 2010, welcome message for 2011, and my first post for this blog. And, as what everybody says in their Facebook statuses, “2011, please be good to me.”

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  1. Wishing you the best of luck and good things for 2011! Thanks for following me! :)