Saturday, April 23, 2011

Paper Flowers for Sunday School

Today, I was momma's helper. I made paper flowers for her craft for the kids on Sunday. She's making a wreath with symbols about Easter Sunday around it. And the flower's going to be a part of it. My mom's really passionate when it comes to teaching. She loves researching about arts and crafts on the Internet and buying/keeping/saving boxes, colored paper, origami paper, strings, ribbons, coloring books, and other art supplies. She even watched High School Musical and Camp Rock and sometimes watches episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, and Sonny with a Chance so that she could relate more to her seven-year-old students. Right now, I think she's addicted to lapbooks. She's been watching how-to videos on Youtube.

These are actually Irises.

I also made yellow Irises and leaves.

I have to give credit to Playful Origami by Reiko Asou, a book I have since  was nine.

P.S. I really have to buy a new camera. My current one is taking blurry pics. :(

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