Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunflower from Scratch

This afternoon, I decided to clean my room. I started with the piles of scratch papers from when I was in college. As usual, I decided to do something else in the middle of cleaning (it always happens). The paper Irises from yesterday (see previous post) inspired me to do more flowers. I just finished a sunflower made out of four scratch papers.

I will probably do another one using nice paper. :P

I had countless attempts of making this sunflower since I had this book (I was nine). I am thankful right now for having the patience to complete this flower. :)

This is now taped to my closet door.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Paper Flowers for Sunday School

Today, I was momma's helper. I made paper flowers for her craft for the kids on Sunday. She's making a wreath with symbols about Easter Sunday around it. And the flower's going to be a part of it. My mom's really passionate when it comes to teaching. She loves researching about arts and crafts on the Internet and buying/keeping/saving boxes, colored paper, origami paper, strings, ribbons, coloring books, and other art supplies. She even watched High School Musical and Camp Rock and sometimes watches episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, and Sonny with a Chance so that she could relate more to her seven-year-old students. Right now, I think she's addicted to lapbooks. She's been watching how-to videos on Youtube.

These are actually Irises.

I also made yellow Irises and leaves.

I have to give credit to Playful Origami by Reiko Asou, a book I have since  was nine.

P.S. I really have to buy a new camera. My current one is taking blurry pics. :(

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still Teensy

I had this dream. I walked into a McDonald's store (the one near the building where I work). I forgot what I ordered but I asked the cashier to not include the drink. And then the cashier handed me a piece of paper telling me to write an essay on why I didn't want it. Haha. I couldn't find anything on Google about dreaming about McDonald's (or maybe I am just not a very good Googler).

But actually, this is what I really want to say: I am short on supplies, thus the lack of jewelry. 

Here's my itty-bitty box of jewelry supplies instead.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Coffee Jelly: My First

So I have finally created something. I have made my first ever jewelry. Don't get too excited to see it though. The bracelet I have made is very simple. Here it is.

I shall name it Coffee Jelly. I actually had more fun taking photos of it than making it. I had so many boo-boos. When buying my materials, I just bought whatever I thought would be useful without even knowing what some were for. Then, I made the clasp three times and with two different clasps. (It's a good thing I bought lots of clasps.) The first clasp, I attached to copper wire, finding out later on that the beads do not fit. The second clasp, I attached to fishing line (the first clasp was too heavy for the fishing line) only to find out from a book that fishing line gets brittle over time and that it's not a good idea to use it for finished jewelry pieces. So, since I only bought two kinds of stringing materials, I re-did the clasp and attached it to two strands of fishing line to make it a little bit stronger. 

But, I am happy with my work since it's the first one I have ever made using pliers, crimp beads, and other beading materials. I used to only make jewelry with seed beads and elastic string and safety pins when I was little. (I am planning to make some again.)

So, there it is. My first ever jewelry creation. And I plan to practice some more.